‘Dissecting Aerial’ 2020. A 2-day Healthier Aerial Symposium

Call it a symposium, a gathering, a summit or whatever you like! This 2-day event is intended as a springboard for practitioners to come together to discuss aerial techniques, performance and pedagogy and will include lectures, practical sessions and round table discussions.

It’s an opportunity to catch up with lots of familiar faces and meet new ones, to network, listen, get new information, get physical, ask questions, generate ideas, provide practical tools and fuel food for thought towards the development of best practice

It is particularly aimed at experienced aerial performers, teachers, choreographers and directors. We really hope you’ll can join us on Jan 25th & 26th at The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 9DE.

Cost £100 for the full weekend and £65 for 1 day.

To book please call The Point box office on 023 8065 2333 or go to https://www.thepointeastleigh.co.uk 

Here’s the line up and if you’d like even more details check out the link to the PDF at the bottom og the page:

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Performance Coach Dr Rebecca Williams on Mind Games’ – Learning how anxiety affects your body, mind and behaviour, and some practical techniques to step out of the fight, flight and freeze response, and into The Zone.

ENC & Cirque de Soleil coach Sarah Poole on Teaching Beyond your Physical Experience: Mechanics and Creativity in Aerial Coaching’

Soft tissue therapist, movement coach and Pilates teacher Danielle White on ‘Postnatal Recovery for Aerialists’

Circus specialist physio and performer Dr Jen Crane on Save Your Shoulders! Shoulder injury prevention for circus artists.  

Aerial practitioner and researcher Dr Tina Carter on The ageing aerialist: a work in progress’

Aerial practitioner and tutor and AD of Stumble Circus Mish Weaver on How the voice and breath can support aerial bodies’

Nutritionist and Sports Dietician Jasmine Challis on ‘Nutrition for Aerialists’

Should you require any further info you can contact Lindsey here

‘Dissecting Aerial’

‘Dissecting Aerial’ timetable