EADF 2018, August 6th – 18th at the Point, Eastleigh

The EADF 2018 website will launch in a fortnight followed shortly by bookings going live, woo hoo!

So what’s new? Well the fabulous Oliver Smith Wellnitz will return this year teaching aerial dance trapeze and hula hoop. Bryan Donaldson will run his 2 day Rigging Fundamentals course, there’ll be Saturday only pic n’ mix classes featuring some of the more unusual aerial classes to try out.  Sarah Poole from ENC will be back teaching corde lisse, fabric and aerial dance trapeze – if you missed her last year make sure to book on early this time around. And an EADF 1st, Circus specialist physiotherapist James Wellington will be running cyr and aerial surgeries with a drop-in clinic in week 2.

Plus the act creation and act refinement classes are back for the 2nd year running with the opportunity to perform in the friendliest, most encouraging of environments supported by your aerial buddies.

There’ll also be your usual faves; counterweight harness, vertical dance, aerial dance harness, yoga, massage, aerial yoga, dance classes etc, etc and just to whet your appetite here’s the updated timetable, just click on the link below.

EADF timetable Aug 18 final