Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher training courses.

Another year of wonderful training from the inimitable Serenity Smith.

Shifting away from our usual plan of offering the Intro course and just one foundation, we figured enough folks were ready to move it on up so we ran; Foundation levels in Lyra and Fabrics and Intermediate Level Aerial Fabric.

Serenity will be back again next Jan so let us know which levels and equipment you’d like to focus on next year.

Comments from last years teacher training:

‘Just want to say the course was absolutely amazing and I will be highly recommending to anyone in aerial not just for teacher training but for personal development as well. I loved the course and will be keeping an eye out for any more. ‘

‘I really enjoyed the course and I learnt so much, thank you for your time and all the knowledge you have shared. Very happy I attended the course and look forward to more.’