Opening the doors on ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Jan 11th & 12th, 2020

Gravity & Levity have for the past 3 years been running a series of weekend long workshops called Behind Closed Doors. These sessions as a result of myself and colleagues bemoaning that there was a lack of opportunity for professional aerial teachers and practitioners to meet and interrogate their practise in an un pressured, non-classroom, training or performance environment and continue our own learning; to come together, ask questions, agree to disagree perhaps and learn from each other in a private, ‘behind closed doors’ setting.

In this final meeting of the series we wanted to open it up to speak more generally on all things to do with ‘teaching practice’ theory and practical and whilst G&L are facilitating these meetings what seems to work best in these sessions is to hand them over to you the practitioners to have the discussions you need to have on teaching, best practice etc and air your questions, thoughts and experiences.

These could be anything for example; practical spotting of a particular move, ways to look after your own body as you teach, or developing your teaching skills beyond your own physical experience – ‘As I become older I don’t feel as capable of demonstrating all that I can teach’, ‘If we only teach by demonstrating are we holding our students back – discuss, etc, whatever!

This won’t be a taught or led weekend, so we invite you to bring your questions, curiosity and a generosity to listen and share with others

Please bring notebooks, bring your questions, perhaps be prepared to present a topic, or open up a discussion or a practical session as appropriate.

We will have pre-prepared some ideas in advance to introduce the day and get the ball rolling but usually once it starts its self-propelling and we just step back to facilitate.

Serenity Smith (Nimble Arts teacher training & New England Centre for Circus Arts) will be around on day 1 to kick start the day along with myself and we hope to be joined by Sarah Poole, (Ecole National De Cirque, Montreal) on Day 2.

The associated costs of £30 for the 2 days or £20 for 1 are really just there to cover studio hire at Falmer, University of Sussex which is a 9 minute train journey from Brighton.

For more details and bookings contact Lindsey here