Gravity & Levity are an aerial dance company specialising in vertical dance performance, world-class artist development and exciting audience imagination.

We create innovative aerial dance that redefines what and where a dance floor can be, both for an audience and for ourselves. We’re committed to accessibility and amplifying alternative perspectives for both dance and circus.

Latest News

Why tour Summer 2021

We are thrilled to announce the first of our upcoming shows this Summer – whoop whoop!
Norfolk and Norwich Festival – 22 & 23 May
Brighton Festival – 30 May
Hat Fair, Winchester – 2 & 3 July
Refract Festival, Trafford  TBC – 24-25 July
Bell Square, Hounslow – 31 July
More details coming soon…

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Portrait & Landscape – vertical dance conversations

Portrait and Landscape was conceived by Wanda Moretti with Kate Lawrence and our Lindsey as a way to connect the global vertical dance community, despite the current restrictions we face on movement and travel. Tickets are free but limited. Read more to access the ticket link […]

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Grounded blog series

Inspired by a collection of insights from a diverse group of dance artists, Lindsey is curating a series of articles, musings and videos from aerialists at all stages of their careers on navigating these times.

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Grounded with Erin Ball

Question everything. Who is not in the room? Why am I teaching the things that I am teaching? It is something that I am passing along simply because it’s the “way it’s done” or is there a safety concern? Rethink aesthetics. Pointed toes are overrated. There is no such thing as cheating if it’s not hurting us or others. Disability is not what I thought it was. Community is everything. Large systems are at play that create power imbalances… as individuals, we can create change. Keep learning. 

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Grounded with Dawn Pascoe

Dawn talks frankly about her career change since her creative partnership of a decade ended last year, her personal challenges of returning to work after giving birth, and the power of telling your truth onstage. She shares some insights and thoughts which could give you a giggle too.

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Grounded with Amelia Cavallo

There are more individuals and organisations than I would like who are still after a year of a pandemic wanting to “go back to normal” whatever that means. Normal for me meant a lot of inaccessible and/or queerphobic spaces. It also meant seriously overworking myself for what currently feels like no reason. I don’t really want to go back to that. But there are also a lot of individuals and organisations who are quietly keeping their heads down and working on themselves by instilling good habits into their practice. That makes me very hopeful […]

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