Gravity & Levity are an aerial dance company specialising in vertical dance performance, world-class artist development and exciting audience imagination.

We create innovative aerial dance that redefines what and where a dance floor can be, both for an audience and for ourselves. We’re committed to accessibility and amplifying alternative perspectives for both dance and circus.

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Two mobile phones on a window sill recording dancing in a studio, which we can see on the screen but not in the photo

Aerial Dances, Screen Bodies and Emotional Materials

September 2021 Explore how vertical dance can be translated for screens with Marisa Zanotti across 4x weekend intensives in September.   Investigate the role of embodied perception in filmmaking, the body as a material, how cinematic concepts of the ‘out-of-field’ invite new ways of thinking choreographically and the implications of different approaches to adapting existing movement material. […]

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2 dancers suspended on a wall being filmed by someone with a camera phone

Moving Body / Moving Image

26 July – 20 August 2021 Explore the joy of creating movement work for screen with critically acclaimed dance for screen artist Becky Edmunds. Through practical exploration, screenings and discussion, explore movement in the frame, the relationship of the camera to that movement, the potential for editing to shape rhythm, pattern and dynamic change, and how […]

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Why tour Summer 2021

We are thrilled to announce the first of our upcoming shows this Summer – whoop whoop!
Norfolk and Norwich Festival – 22 & 23 May
Brighton Festival – 30 May
Hat Fair, Winchester – 2 & 3 July
Refract Festival, Trafford  TBC – 24-25 July
Bell Square, Hounslow – 31 July
More details coming soon…

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Grounded with Shaena Brandel

As an aerialist/artist in my early 40’s, having time over the past year to be introspective has been amazing, and something I don’t think I would have made happen otherwise. I am well aware how privileged that sounds- I have been teaching teenagers Aerial and ‘Floorial’ remotely (and in person when possible) over the past year, and I know how hard COVID restrictions have been for that age group particularly…..

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Grounded with Amanda Miles

From her early experience as a young dancer to founding and running her own aerial studio, Amanda  draws on her experience of a career spanning over 30 years in the entertainment industry, as a former theatrical agent and TV producer to the present day.

She shares her thoughts and and talks about the business of creativity.

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Grounded with Emma Poole

During this time, the imposter syndrome found a way into my new career plan and the constant feeling of not being good enough, just grew and grew. It felt like a secret I had to stop people discovering. I changed my eating habits and increased training because somehow, I felt if I was physically smaller and always in the air, it would disguise my lack of skill. I ended up in schedule of constant work/training with no free time, leaving me moody and constantly hungry. I can see now that the struggle of trying to juggle my busy, yes saying ,life was impressing no one and it only left me feeling more inadequate and exhausted …….

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