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Opening the doors on ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Jan 11th & 12th, 2020

The final event in a series of 6 will have teaching methodology as its main focus and we’re opening it up to anyone with an existing practice, interested in sharing a space with other professionals, to interrogate their practice in an un pressured, non-classroom, training or performance environment and to take this time to learn from each other.

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Jan 2020 Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher training courses.

We are delighted to be hosting the wonderful Serenity Smith from Nimble Arts for these Aerial Teacher Training intensives:
Jan 4th – 8th Introduction to Teaching Aerial (fabric & trapeze)
Jan 9th & 10th Aerial sling (cocoon) Foundation course.
Do come and join us.

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‘Dissecting Aerial’ 2020. A 2-day Healthier Aerial Symposium

Call it a symposium, a gathering, a summit or whatever you like! This 2-day event is intended as a springboard for practitioners to come together to discuss aerial techniques, performance and pedagogy and will include lectures, practical sessions and round table discussions. For more info on the 2020 speakers …

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That was the Vertical Dance Masterclass in Venice, Nov 19th & 20th – SOLD OUT!

A Vertical Dance Masterclass for inquisitive minds and bodies – bookings now open.

Join us for  a 2-day long masterclass at the Vertical Dance Centre in Venice home to Il Posto with Wanda Moretti, Kate Lawrence and myself (Lindsey Butcher) where you will have the opportunity to work intensively with each of the three choreographers individually and collectively.

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We’ve just returned from performing Why? in Oslo for the opening of the CODA Oslo International Dance Festival. The piece was signed for Deaf audiences and we had an audience of over 350 who stood out in the pouring rain to watch us  – thanks to you all, we’re extremely grateful that you joined us! […]

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European Aerial Dance Festival 2019

Wow, so that was our 10th edition of the EADF 2019 and what a way to celebrate 10 years! What an amazing journey it’s been starting from just a 4 day event back in 2010 to a full 2 week programme.
Thanks so much to …

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Gravity & Levity was launched in 2003 by Artistic Director, Lindsey Butcher, to explore the creative and expressive potential in applying a dance aesthetic to aerial suspension techniques, through artistic development, teaching and live productions.

G&L exists to develop and maximise the creative potential of artists and the audience imagination.

We strive to create and present innovative aerial dance that redefines what and where a dance floor can be both for an audience and for ourselves. We present work that is accessible, relevant and offers an alternative perspective on traditional aesthetics in both dance and circus.