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On inclusivity… or being afraid we’ll get it wrong.

…or on not being inclusive cos’ we’re afraid that we don’t know enough or that we’ll cause offence. I came across a video the other day on facebook called ‘Remarkable’. It was by Dr Kelsie Acton, who is a neurodivergent dancer, researcher and inclusive practice advisor for Battersea Arts Centre. In it she references a quote […]

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Grounded with Lindsey Butcher

Inspired by Understory – a collection of insights from a diverse group of artists in the dance world – I felt it would be useful to curate a series of articles, musings and videos from professional aerialists at all stages of
their careers on how we go about navigating these new times. Looking at our diverse pathways into the aerial arts and the breadth of practice out there, these contributions will be released every Wednesday. I’m Lindsey Butcher…

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Portrait & Landscape – vertical dance conversations

Conceived by Wanda Moretti with Kate Lawrence and our Lindsey we’re teaming up with our ‘peer pals’ to create a series of online ‘gifts’ for those of you with a passion for harness work.

These will be online bi/monthly meetings with some of the worlds leading vertical dance artists aimed to stimulate, provoke, keep us connected and responsive to our wonderful, ever- changing art form. Each choreographer will also introduce a next generation featured artist – whoop whoop.

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Grounded blog series

Inspired by a collection of insights from a diverse group of dance artists, Lindsey is curating a series of articles, musings and videos from aerialists at all stages of their careers on navigating these times.

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Dissecting Aerial 2021

We may be a little premature here in announcing this but hey ‘Save the dates’ for Dissecting Aerial 2021, March 20th & 21st – should be easy to remember eh?!

Our aim is to live stream the symposium this year, with some live speakers and audience here in Brighton and connecting to International hubs of watching and presentations. This means that not only can you connect and join us from anywhere in the world but there’s also the potential to join us with a group of friends in your local studio in line with your local C19 guidance  – exciting eh.

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Photo of sound artist Thor, sitting in a climbing harness high up in an old oak tree. He is laughing as he holds a large microphone at arms length up into the trees canopy to capture the sound.

A Heightened Sense of Tree R&D 2020

In this strange old year that was 2020, we were immensely grateful to be able to spend 10 days in Whirligig Woods with a phenomenal creative team to research our new show, ‘A Heightened Sense of Tree’.

This R&D has been a long time in the planning even prior to Covid. It’s been in discussion with the National Trust for over 2 years and in conversation between it’s main collaborators since Lindsey returned from working with Julia Taffe (Aeriosa) in Vancouver 2015.

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Gravity & Levity was launched in 2003 by Artistic Director, Lindsey Butcher, to explore the creative and expressive potential in applying a dance aesthetic to aerial suspension techniques, through artistic development, teaching and live productions.

G&L exists to develop and maximise the creative potential of artists and the audience imagination.

We strive to create and present innovative aerial dance that redefines what and where a dance floor can be both for an audience and for ourselves. We present work that is accessible, relevant and offers an alternative perspective on traditional aesthetics in both dance and circus.