Vertical Dance Forum project funding

Vertical Dance Forum project funding



Gravity & Levity, as one of the Vertical Dance Forum partners have just been awarded EU funding for a project spanning over the next 2 years.

This VDF project is an artist driven working group comprised of 7 vertical dance companies and was born from the desire to collaborate, exchange and learn from each others’ practise.

Coming from different backgrounds and influences, our aim is to strengthen the Vertical Dance community through sharing of practise rather than seeking to represent the art-form in its’ entirety,

The 7 VDF companies are: Compagnie Retouramont – France, Fidget Feet – Ireland, Il Posto – Italy, Histeria Nova – Croatia, Aeriosa – Canada, Kate Lawrence Vertical Dance – Wales and Gravity & Levity – UK.

Each company, (with the exception of the Canadian partner) will host a research project and public event as a means to disseminate their research and aims to be inclusive and developmental to the sector as a whole, also inviting opinion and practise from beyond its immediate network.

The first of these, ‘Vertical Conversations’ will be hosted by Kate Lawrence Vertical Dance in partnership with Pontio, Bangor, July 24th – 27th with a series of  meetings, classes and performances open to the public.

(Photo courtesy of Scarabeus, photographer Mark Morreau)